Amazing benefits of reading to your kids

Amazing benefits of reading to your kids

From reading your kids simple rhymes to stories from amazing fictional and fairytale books, you are creating a positive impact on your child’s development. Different stories you read to your kids when they are young are the ones they fondly remember and reading them with you makes it more memorable.

Well, reading for your kids is not just about forming memories, but getting your kids to learn better and be better adults in future are advantages of reading to kids.

Here are other amazing benefits of reading to your child and having them read along when they are old enough to do so:

It makes them better readers

This is not rocket science, reading consistently to your kids, make them read better and are capable of reading on their own better than kids who didn’t have this experience. According to researchers studying kids, it is best to read to kids to help them improve their literacy at a tender age, giving them a competitive edge against their peers who didn’t get to enjoy this experience.

It improves their vocabulary

Researchers found out that toddlers who got read to consistently score higher in most vocabulary test than those who didn’t. Reading to your child is the best way to build language neural connections making his or her tender brain as a foundation for the development of cognitive skills.

According to a study carried out in Rhode Island Hospital comparing two groups of toddlers; one group had books read to them constantly, and the other group didn’t have their parents reading to them. It was found out that kids who were read to have their receptive vocabulary increased to 40 percent since babyhood, while those without reading activities had their increased by 16 percent.

It enables them to learn about different environments

Books have different characters that are different physically, ethnically and culturally. These books teach kids about different lands, cultures, and people. Some children books also help kids understand different life events and processes. It helps with bonding and increased quality time spent with your kids.

According to another research carried out by kids between 6 and 11 by the Scholastic's Kids and Family Reading Report found out that bonding and quality time is the major reason kids and their parents enjoy reading books together. As a parent if you take a few minutes to snuggle and read to your kids, it sends a strong message that your kids are very important to you and you love them. It is a personal and nurturing experience promoting strong interaction between a child and his or her parents, enhances socio-emotional development, literacy and language skills.

It is fun

It was discovered that kids love reading because it is fun and because there are an unlimited amount of books that are hilarious and so much fun, you will feel like a kid again reading them to your kids.

Books are the best way to help kids learn, reading to kids not only heightens their intellectual capacity enabling them to learn easily, but it also is fun and creates a bonding session with your kids. Buy books today and create a great future for your kids.