Benefits of Reading Books For Children

Benefits of Reading Books For Children

If you go to any home with a toddler or infant, there’s a really good chance you’ll find piles and piles of kids books. And the fact that reading a book before bedtime helps children fall asleep isn’t the only benefit of having books around. Reading educational baby books has a variety of benefits and at Children Smart Toys, we try to provide parents with books that will set your child up for success when it comes time to go to school.

Benefits of Reading Educational Baby Books


For infants, simply grasping the pages and learning how to turn the pages are skills that will help them later on. These fine motor skills will help them develop hand/eye coordination. But also, there are many studies that have shown that reading to kids will help them prepare for future schooling. Even the act of reading from left to right, knowing that the story moves from the left page to the right and from top to bottom can help them read books on their own.


The difference between an adult’s vocabulary and a child’s is vast. Reading educational baby books will introduce a vocabulary that is relevant to them. Baby books will include short, simple words like the names of colors, shapes, animals, and will have phrases that they may not normally hear on a regular basis. The more books you cycle through, the more words they will learn.


With so many interesting noises, people, and things to touch and taste, it’s easy for children to become distracted. Reading a book from start to finish, however short, will allow them to practice concentrating on a single thing. As you can imagine, this will be incredibly important when they have to focus through an entire history or math class in middle school.


Nearly all children’s books will have a storyline or theme that will help a child’s imagination grow. Talking animals, children flying through the air, children who have superpowers — your child will interact with all of these characters and will get to know their stories, and they may want to try to recreate that world during their own playtime.


Although many children’s books have happy endings and tales of success, there are plenty of books that will help your child learn how to empathize with the characters. A boy who lost his dog or a girl who fell and hurt her knee — these emotions can be difficult to relate to as a child, but developing empathy is crucial to having strong social skills in the future.

It can be hard for parents to find educational baby books that are both fun to read and will help their kids learn. Shop through our collection of books at Children Smart Toys for some of the best baby books. Our collection includes soft books that are safe for infants, books that use magic water for your kids to draw in, books with texture, and books to help them understand the importance of trying.

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