How model building can help kids learn better

If you remember your childhood, you had a filled day playing with model building toys. Although most of our parents didn’t know the amazing benefits of these toys, they offered motivating activities for kids; even those with disabilities found them interesting.

Model building toys come in different shapes and sizes, they haven’t changed for centuries, they have just become more colorful, and some are fitted with magnets to help them hold better.

Not only do model building toys offer versatility, but they also provide endless means for social and educational exploration. They can be used as an individual and for a play date. As a parent having your kid build amazing structures should male you proud. You can also play along as well, improving bonding between you and your child.

 I try to use these toys to bond with my kids, and you can do so too by trying to follow their lead and see what they have in mind to build, or you can be their guide while playing. You can indulge in simple construction, addition, subtraction or even construct letters of the alphabets.

Model building toys are amazing for learning; these are their advantages:

Model building improves cognitive skills

Model building toys provide basic numerical concepts; sizes, shapes and so on can be sorted out and put in order, and this can be done using these toys. Preschoolers can get to learn reasoning and logic skills; they figure out how to build beautiful kiddie masterpieces. I experienced this as my kids grew older, they improved in complexity and style of what is being built.

Older kids get to build and solve more complex and bigger structures; here they learn to visualize and come up with their designs and can excel in copying existing formats. This form of creativity can be learned in simple ways, and it can help them in their adult life. Great architects, engineers and so on had to build their cognitive skills since they were toddlers and model building toys can provide your kids with this avenue to explore and build their cognitive skills.



Model building toys improve attention span

The most difficult skill to build in a child is increasing attention span. This is where model building comes into play. Get your kids to play with these toys, give them ideas like a challenge to build a rocket ship, and you will get them engrossed in the activity. Carrying out this activity constantly will improve the attention span and creativity of the child.

Model building toys help in language development

While using this toy for play, you get to use some words and phrases with your kid, “put it on,” “under,” “balance” and so on are used consistently. This helps kids develop their pre-reading skills extensively, and as they keep using this works, they can link them correctly with actions. Most communication skills are learned here.


Getting your child interested in model building toys is the way to go, I did it, and it was the best decision ever. I cannot summarize all the pros attached to this toy, but you are sure all developmental aspects of your child are covered and enhanced when using model building toys. They are seemingly like the fuel that helps propel your kids to be bright, outgoing and very sociable.