What Kids Learn Through Art

What Kids Learn Through Art

Do you remember playing with Play-Doh? Finger painting? Do you remember watercoloring using the strips of plastic with small oval divots filled with paint? Even though arts and crafts activities have come a long way since these classic products, it’s still incredibly important for children to interact with art supplies as they grow up. Whether it’s a coloring book as you’re waiting in the doctor’s office or busting out the crayons at home, a lot of learning takes place when kids let go and let a whole new world explode on the paper.

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Why Art Is So Important For Kids

Motor Skills

We’ve discussed motor skills quite a bit in this blog and that’s because it is so crucial to a child’s development. And using art is a great way to practice these skills. Holding a paintbrush, crayon, or a pair of scissors will help children learn how to use and fine tune muscles in their fingers, which will eventually help them learn how to hold a pencil.

Language Development

Art doesn’t have to be just about playing quietly at the table. It’s important to also help your child talk about what they are creating. You don’t have to make it complicated either, simply ask them, “What’s that?” Or ask them what colors they are using, what shapes they are making, and if they are feeling communicative that day, ask them why they are using those colors or creating those shapes. These types of questions will not only help them learn the names of colors and shapes, but will also help them learn how to talk about their feelings.

Decision Making

Your kid may not realize they are learning this, but simply by dipping the brush in the blue paint instead of the yellow paint is making a decision. Or if they cut the paper into a circle instead of a square, they are learning how to explore their options. These skills will have lasting effects when it comes time to making more important decisions throughout their schooling.

Visual Learning

With smartphones and tablets, technology is being used more and more in creating art, and these methods can be a wonderful way for people to express themselves. But for kids, it can be more beneficial to use art activities that are 3D, that will help them develop visual-spatial skills. So break out the Play-Doh and building blocks to help them practice these skills.


Children’s imaginations are beautiful things, right? And this is the perfect age and way for you to encourage growth in this area. They may just be splattering paint on the paper (hopefully not the walls) or creating balls with the Play-Doh (hopefully not throwing them), but the stories and characters they are creating are strengthening and improving their imagination!

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